Hunting for the right gift at the right time and for the right occasion could become sometimes a daunting task or even worth!! It can end up a missed opportunity, especially when it comes to loved ones like our children, our wives or our fiance.

For we all missed special moments of loved ones and for we all have been kids and had our own special box, mug or hidden wallet where we mixed all of our stuff in it, was launched to help most of us ease the suffer of finding the right gift and make this collection of lovely stuff within a Mug of  joy through the children that we can care for an love.

Who is ? started as a joint venture between FLYT a company specialized in trade, tourism and technology and Digi Web LLC a company known for its long record in internet initiatives. was launched officially on December 15th 2009 and all efforts have been put in place to announce it publicly on November 1st 2010.

In late 2011, evolved from being a single site to a different online presences that operates under the KidsMug concept and flagship.

What is is the E-store related to the KidsMug Concept and where parents and children care takers can find plenty of items related to the well being of the child. KidsMug E-store started its operation by serving the 22 different Arab countries and now is operating on a global scale and through franchisee.

How works?

It is simple and easy, to benefit and purchase from

  • Anyone who is above 18 years of age can place his order, once the order is processed after making sure that all items are available in stock, it will be shipped to the shipping address provided by the buyer.
  • Anyone who is below 18 years of Age till Zero days of Age is requested to be assisted by his parents or tutors.
  • Any couple expecting a new baby can also benefit from baby shower list,  where it shall offer a full range of new born baby items and more.