Le Jardin de Marmouset

Founded in 2005, “ Le Jardin de Marmouset” welcomes children from early age up to 48 months old. The center mission is to guide the infant within his steps of early and pre-school education with the guidance of well-trained instructors and under the direct supervision of parents, which makes of those critical years funny moments for children and parents as well.

“Le Jardin de Marmouset” joined KidsMug network in early 2012, the center and its management welcomed the idea of being part of  KidsMug digital and online network while offering the parents the ease of mind of shopping online for their children needs.

Being an affiliate of KidsMug network, “Le Jardin the Marmouset” has been offered a website free of charge and many other logistic services.

website: http://lejardindemarmouset.info